Disconnected Youth Town Hall MeetingOne Out of Five" Follow-up Data, We're Making Some Progress - Now It's "One Out of Six" Disconnected Youth

It's official. What we used to call "One Out of Five" (the percentage of Angeleno youth disconnected from school and work) has now improved to "One Out of Six." This means economic gains and local efforts to prevent youth from dropping out of high school over the past three years has actually decreased the number of disconnected youth in Los Angeles.

HTA ESL Graduates
In May 2015, the City of Los Angeles’ Workforce Development Board awarded the Hospitality Training Academy an “UpSkilling Initiative” Grant of $100,000, as part of their vision to prevent mass layoffs and also participate in President Obama’s UpSkill American Initiative,

2016-2020 Los Angeles County Strategic Plan for Economic DevelopmentEnsuring a Strong, Diverse and Sustainable Economy for LA County’s Residents and Communities

After extensive public input, the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) finalized the 2016-2020 Los Angeles County Strategic Plan for Economic Development. This is the region’s collaborative, consensus “blueprint” for a strong economy. It defines

Hire LA's Youth and CSUN logos At the last meeting of the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board’s Youth Council, Dr. Richard Moore and his evaluation team at California State University Northridge (CSUN) presented an evaluation of the City’s Hire LA’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP).

In 2015, Hire LA’s Youth met and surpassed Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti’s goal of employing 11,000 youth in summer jobs, paid work experiences and internships. The bulk of these 11,000 summer jobs were provided through

New WDB Task Force for Under Represented Populations in Los Angeles The City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board (WDB) recently convened a newly created task force. The WDB’s Task Force on Under-represented Populations is comprised of great thinkers and doers who advocate for specific Angeleno populations.

The diverse audience within the full WDB meeting room included representatives and leaders from the

Hospitality Training Academy Ask Joseph Warren and he will tell you outright, “hospitality is not just learned, but rather it is something innate that exists inside you.” Accordingly, Joseph has always strived to practice what his mother taught him…to be a gentleman and treat people the way you yourself want to be treated.