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The Local and Regional Workforce Development Plans outline workforce development strategies and are separated into Local Workforce Development Plans and the Los Angeles Basin Region’s Workforce Development Plan.

Required by law, all Workforce Development Boards must develop a Local Workforce Development Plan. The Local Plans define employment, training and supportive services for jobseekers, dislocated workers, youth and young adults. Local Plans are in effect for a four year period and are subject to biannual modifications. All Local Plans must align with the State of California Workforce Development Board's Strategic State Plan for California's Workforce Investment system and are subject to any biannual modification requirements.

The Los Angeles Basin Regional Workforce Development Plan is also required by law and it defines broad strategic goals to ensure the regional workforce system meets the needs of employers and priority growth sectors of the regional economy, is inclusive to all jobseekers and uses pathway strategies and training to build a skilled and competitive workforce. Officially titled the Los Angeles Basin Regional Planning Unit, this collaborative is comprised of the seven Workforce Development Boards within Los Angeles County.

WIOA Local Workforce Development Plans 2017-2020 and Biennial Modifications 2019-20

Los Angeles Basin Regional Planning Unit
Regional Workforce Development Plan 2017-2020 and Regional Workforce Development Plan 2019-2021 Two-Year Modifications