LA CIty WDB Executive Committee approves over $1 million in funding for LA area job training programs

Los Angeles, CA - The City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board (WDB) has consistently proven itself as an essential role in the training and preparation of workers for needs of the Los Angeles local and regional economy. On February 28, 2018, the WDB Executive Committee approved funds to be spent on the Los Angeles Regional Initiative for Social Enterprise (better known as LA:RISE); the implementation of the LA Basin Regional plan, in which all seven workforce boards unite to collectively plan for regional improvements; and awarded Catholic Charities of Los Angeles to provide services for the LA Reconnections Career Academy (LARCA) 2.0 Program.

One of meeting highlights was the approval of a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between the WDB and LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, known simply as Metro. The WDB unanimously stood behind implementing Metro’s Workforce Initiative Now - Los Angeles (WIN-LA), which will provide training in transportation-related employment opportunities across LA County. WIN-LA will address the ongoing need for trained local workers required for the various regional transportation infrastructure construction projects, funded by Measures R and M.

To assist dislocated victims that may be homeless or jobless due to the devastating fires of autumn 2017, the WDB authorized the Employment and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) to distribute $1million to serve fifty temporary workers in the counties of LA and Ventura through local WorkSource Centers/America's Job Centers of California.

In alignment with the Federal government's desire for more apprenticeships nationwide, the Executive Committee approved $200,000 for the EWDD to ultimately expand apprenticeship opportunities through the LA WorkSource Centers. With clear pathways to career positions, apprentices will have developed the skills necessary to keep up with their industry trends and maintain relevance in the workplace.

All WDB board and committee meetings are open and the public is encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact the WDB staff.