WDB Creating Job Opportunities
On June 30, 2015, the Los Angeles City Council and Mayor Eric Garcetti approved the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board's $64 million Annual Plan for Program Year 2015-16.

Approved by the WIB on May 27, 2015, the plan passed the $64 million Annual Plan for Program Year 2015-16. This document includes budget and operations plans, and proposes to assist 29,000 adult job seekers in finding employment and training, and to put 10,000 youth to work for six weeks through HIRE LA’s Youth summer jobs.WIB Executive Committee Reviews the Year 16 Annual Planfrom left: Gregory Irish, WIB Executive Director; Charles Woo, WIB Board Chair & CEO of MegaToys; Patricia Perez, WIB Secretary & owner of VPE Marketing; Jan Perry, EWDD General Manager; and Zeth Ajemian, WIB Oversight Committee Chair & So. California Kaiser Permanente Manager of Workforce Development

The 2015-16 Annual Plan promotes training for good jobs, access, opportunities and resources for laid-off workers and vulnerable job-seeker populations, and emphasizes early work experience for youth. Importantly, the Annual Plan focuses on ensuring compliance and a successful transition of the City's Workforce Development System from the federal Workforce Investment Act funding (ending on June 30, 2015) to the new Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (effective July 1, 2015).

The Annual Plan also funds training for job seekers in the growing fields of healthcare, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and biomedical and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. The Annual Plan assists regional employers to connect to a local, skilled labor force, helping the economy to grow.

"This is the work we have been doing for years, finally coming to fruition in a holistic way," said David Crippens, WIB member and Chair of the WIB’s Youth Council. Mr. Crippens referred to the recent refocus of the City’s YouthSource Centers to serve out of school youth. Currently 81% of the youth and young adults served by the City’s network of 13 YouthSource Centers are out of school youth.

In addition to funding the 17 WorkSource Centers and 13 YouthSource Centers, the WIB moved to fund new and pilot initiatives to increase services, including:

  • A $100,000 matching allocation to help fund an existing pioneering program focused on providing transgender youth with training and employment opportunities

  • An allocation of $100,000 to provide training and employment opportunities to homeless youth through partnerships with existing homeless youth service agencies

  • $200,000 to connect adult workers to apprenticeship programs

  • A mandate to co-locate WorkSource Centers on the City’s community college campuses

  • An assessment of how to increase services to underrepresented populations of job seekers and youth not currently utilizing the services of the City’s WorkSource and YouthSource centers

During April and May 2015, the WIB conducted public meetings and hearings to gather input on how the Annual Plan should best fund the City’s WorkSource and YouthSource centers and training programs.

Please note that the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board, will soon be renamed the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board

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