pLAn for a sustainable cityAction for a Greener, Healthier, More Resilient City + More Jobs

Climate change is real and it negatively impacts our lives in increasing ways. Drought, water restrictions and increasing heat days are just some of the real impacts. Couple these with the ever-present threat of major seismic activity - action must be taken!

Los Angeles leads in fighting climate change. The city already has the most solar and Energy Star buildings of any city in the nation. Our region has the most technology jobs in California, and Los Angeles is on track to add more green jobs than other city in the U.S. Our region’s transportation investments are among the nation’s largest public works program.

But that’s not enough. More across-the-board action is necessary.

Understanding this need for immediate and significant action, Mayor Garcetti took Los Angeles’ sustainability commitment to the next level by launching the Sustainable City pLAn. The pLAn draws on the world’s lessons that work and don’t work, and proposes short-term and long-term goals and actions, complete with milestones and metrics to measure our progress over the next 20 years.

The pLAn ensures protection of our environment through increased reliance on solar and sustainable energy sources, healthy and livable, less-polluted neighborhoods, and the growth of “green” job opportunities for Angelenos. The pLAn also seeks to create a shared interest among all Angelenos to get involved and help take action.

JOIN US at the July 29, 2015 Workforce Investment Board/Youth Council Quarterly Meeting. Matt Peterson, Mayor Garcetti's Chief Sustainability Officer, will make a presentation of the pLAn, particularly in terms of the job growth objectives. The public is invited to join in this important discussion.

For more information visit the Mayor’s pLAn website at and download a copy of the pLAn for your review.