Faye Washington

Faye Washington

WDB Board - Member

Faye Washington is the Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles.

The YWCA endeavors to empower women and eliminate racism, and provides critical social services to over 100,000 youth, families, and seniors from multiple sites throughout Los Angeles.

Before assuming her position with the YWCA Greater Los Angeles, Faye Washington had a successful 32-year career in the public sector in management, personnel administration, legislative and policy development, strategic planning, and budget formulation and implementation.

Ms. Washington is now recognized nationally as a consummate nonprofit professional and manager as a result of her tenure with the YWCA. She's received numerous recognitions and awards. Among Faye's many accomplishments is the Urban Campus, developed with $70 million of public and private sector financing for the conduct of Job Corps related activities. More than 1,000 at-risk youth benefit from the Urban Campus' education, workforce development and supportive services.

Ms. Washington's other pursuits include volunteering as either an advisor to or a member of the Board of Directors of organizations such as the Links, United Way, Municipal Improvement Corporation of Los Angeles, National Job Corps Association, and California Post-Secondary Commission.