Hector Perez-Pacheco

Hector Perez-Pacheco

WDB Board - Member

Hector Perez-Pacheco is the principal of Perez-Pacheco Consulting.

Founded in 1997, his firm specializes in public relations, marketing, public policy/legislation, and community resource development focusing on reaching, mobilizing, and developing Latino and Native American communities and markets.

Mr. Perez-Pacheco has a long established a connection with the community, having served nearly 30 years as a passionate advocate for disenfranchised communities. His work focuses on improving the social, educational and economic conditions of disadvantaged communities.

Mr. Perez-Pacheco has organized various community councils, town hall meetings, forums, and conferences to discuss health and education issues, immigration, and other pressing issues for the Latino community. He has also worked on environmental justice and Native American sacred land preservation issues.