LA:RISE participant Enrique
Before enrolling in LA:RISE, Enrique faced long-term unemployment and unstable housing.

Through the program, Enrique began working at LA:RISE partner Homeboy Industries, where the staff said that from day-one, he was focused on his future. The LA:RISE program also gave Enrique access to supportive services that connected him to life skills classes and therapy.

LA:RISE, Helping Job Seekers During COVID-19

Following completion of his transitional employment, Enrique applied and was chosen for a paid internship at Project 180, an organization serving the re-entry population and individuals experiencing homelessness. After completing the LA:RISE program, Enrique received four full-time employment offers.

Ultimately, he selected a Site Manager position with First-To-Serve, an organization that provides transitional housing and supportive services to families experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles. It is a job that provides economic stability, builds on the skills he developed during his transitional employment and allows Enrique to give back to the community, he said. LA:RISE gave him the tools that allowed him to do the hard work to turn pain and trauma into triumph.

“I love being of service to the same community that raised me,” Enrique said. “I’ve accomplished some of my own goals, and my heart is fulfilled day-by- day pushing others to achieve their own goals.”

LA:RISE – A Social Enterprise Solution to Help the At-Risk Join the Workforce
EWDD is a leadership team partner of LA:RISE, an innovative, collaborative partnership that unites the City and County of Los Angeles’ Workforce Development System (WDS) with non-profit social enterprises and for-profit employers to help men and women with high barriers to employment get good jobs and stay employed.

The City’s WorkSource Centers and LA:RISE prioritize individuals recently released from prison, the unsheltered or those at risk of homelessness, and youth ages 18-24 who are neither in school nor employed. After working in a transitional job at a social enterprise, leveraging WorkSource Center training and services, LA:RISE participants are placed in permanent jobs within the private or the public sector.

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