Ekaterina Evdokimova (far right) teaching the nuances of the Russian language to three young students by using art at her new Encino business 2Belingual Language School
The West Valley BusinessSource Center (BSC) recently provided guidance to Ekaterina Evdokimova on the cultural tenets of entrepreneurship in the US, paving the way for her to open 2Belingual Language School in Encino.

After emigrating to the US from Russia, Ekaterina was interested in opening a Russian tutoring center for children as she found that most of the people from the post-Soviet Union wanted their children to preserve the Russian language. At a local Russian Business Women Event, Ekaterina met West Valley BSC business coach Elya Narinyan, who informed her about EWDD’s 16 BusinessSource Centers.

Elya provided Ekaterina with technical assistance, including an overview on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in America as compared to Russia, along with technical assistance on how to obtain the required certificates and permits to launch a business in the City of Los Angeles.

On Sunday, January 19, 2020, more than 40 families gathered for the open house of the 2Belingual Language School. Ekaterina taught a few trial lessons on the nuances of the language by using art. Many attendees agreed that with the opening of the language school, they had acquired a new learning center and a new community space for Russian-speakers.

Ekaterina said she was appreciative of how the West Valley BSC was able to assist her in her native language, along with the lessons her business coach Elya provided to help her understand the cultural differences between the two countries, which played a vital role in starting the business correctly. The new center created a job for Ekaterina, and she said she will soon be able to employ additional people for the tutoring center.

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